Patient Testimonials

My journey began three years ago with SRM Women's Health Physical Therapy. After visiting MANY doctors, I was getting no relief from them. When I came to Susie she took the time to explain what was causing my pain and how she was going to help. Only through her expertise have I been able to get back to a more pain free life. Her patience and compassion has been a true gift to me. Thank you SRM Women's Health Physical Therapy! - SK

Susan's passion for what she does is quite evident from the moment she begins working with you. Her compassion, for her patients and their well being shines through as she works privately with you in each session. In every PT session a joint effort is made where Susan and her patient both decide which approach will ultimately get the best result for that day's PT. At all times I could see the dedicated effort she would make to ensure that I felt relaxed and confident in any treatment plan we followed that day. Susan has this gentle, but persuasive manner about her that convinces you of the necessity of doing you very important exercises at home! She makes a point of making you realize that your recovery is a team effort!! The bottom line here is having Susan as a Physical Therapist was my saving grace! I did get "Better"!! Thanks to her expertise I no longer had to endure the horrific pain I had when we began our therapy. She is my "Miracle Worker!" - EC